The only studio grade sampling drum machine workstation thats fully portable...
The only studio grade sampling drum machine workstation thats fully portable.
  • 16-track real time pattern-based sequencer.
  • Fully portable: 4-hour battery. Recharge it like a laptop
  • Side mounted Pitch and MOD wheels
  • 5,000 premium preset sounds
  • Full workstation capabilities
  • Chromatic keypad layout

We Are Currently Not Selling BeatThang Right Now. 

Beat Thang is used by thousands of producers, DJs, songwriters and instrumentalists worldwide including Dallas Austin, DJ Ruckus, Jermaine Dupri, Mr DJ (Outkast), DJ Orig (Big Smo), Drumma Boy, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Teddy Riley,, Phil Tan, Mr Bangladesh, and the Indie Synth-pop duo Goodbye Heart. 

Beat Thang, like many drum machines, is wildly popular with hip hop producers, but don’t think it is limited to a single genre. People are successfully using Beat Thang in everything from Dubstep to Death Metal and from Reggae to Classic Rock.

Create Simple Grooves or Full Songs

Beat Thang is a sampler, sequencer, workstation, playable instrument, effects box, kit builder, sound bank for your DJ rig, and so much more. Its exceptionally simple to use. The sounds are artfully engineered to be incredibly inspiring. Whether this is your first drum machine or if you have a pile of them Beat Thang won't let you down.


Sequence beats in just 5 minutes. Use your computer keypads to tap out a quick beat or connect your MIDI keyboard.


Edit your patterns, entire kits or instruments, tweak individual samples or customize preset effects. Record new samples, keyspan, autochop, and apply editing tools to craft brand new instruments.


Easily arrange your patterns into full radio-ready songs complete with intros, choruses, verses and drops either on-the fly with real-time export or using the built in linear pattern-based sequencer in Song Mode.


Enjoy maximum flexibility with one button Export. Quickly bounce out your Patterns, Songs, Tracks or individual Pads at studio quality 16 or 24-bit WAV files for use in other audio editing applications.

“I use this on every record that I make”

“You can arrange full songs with just use your computer keyboard. You don’t need any other controllers, any other drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. You’ve got your sound banks here. You can mix here. It’s everything you need to get started and go a long way!” 

Dallas Austin, 2X Grammy Winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Senior Vice President, A&R for Island Records

DJ Toomp
DJ Ruckus
Polow Da Don
Mr Bangladesh
Dallas Austin
This Collaboration Between KOTD BKE Track Made Entirely On Beat Thang Hardware...

This hip hop music video was filmed in Toronto Canada. It is a collaboration between BKE Technology and King of The Dot Entertainment, Featuring Jon De Silva (Rockwell), Scott "The Human Beat Box" Jackson, and Loe Pesci using BEAT THANG sampling drum machine workstation.

" I think its brilliant. I got mine. I’m going to be on it before y’all..."
Jermaine Dupri
"It's got a great sound...we're using it in the studio all the time..."
DJ Orig
"...something that you haven’t seen before. This is for real. "
The Commissioner
Plays well with your other gear

Dual SD cards for quick import and export. MIDI DIN and USB ports for connecting and syncing your other gear. Dual 1/4 inch headphone jacks with independent volume control. Combo XLR / stereo TRS input for recording your own 16 or 24-bit samples. Left and right 1/4 inch balanced stereo inputs. Plug in your electric foot switch to sustain notes or trigger transport controls.

Key pads that feel like pillows

Traditional drum machine keypads are stiff and over time lead to unnecessary physical stress that produce tension in your hands, wrists, neck and shoulders. The BT1 keypads are the product of a year-long R&D journey after nine intensive design revisions designed to overcome this challenge. These 13 full-velocity sensitive keypads offer you an unparalleled adjustable tactile response.
The pads are soft as pillows and tough as nails. 

They give you the delicate sensitivity of a real instrument mixed with the durability to withstand the most intensive grooves all while making your session more enjoyable and less strenuous. The feel of these keypads is not easily described with words and images, it something you must experience for yourself. If for no other reason, visit a music equipment retailer near you and try Beat Thang for yourself.

Sidemounted pitch wheel

Control the pitch of your active track or the entire project on-the-fly without changing the tempo.

Sidemounted MOD wheel

Add flare to your production using the MOD wheel for full control of high-pass, low pass, band-pass, and notch filters.

Built like a tank. Maximum mobility.

Beat Thang was designed to withstand life on-the-go. A compact footprint, a rugged all-metal chassis, a full-color 3.5” LCD, dual 1/4 inch headphone jacks, and up to 4-hour battery life gives you confidence to know that you can produce professional music anywhere your life takes you without worrying about carrying around bulky or fragile equipment.

How The Sounds Are Made
"We began by recording master musicians playing rare, vintage, and exotic instruments..."

Everything is captured using a range of high-end and unique microphones. These sessions are tracked through a variety of Class-A preamps including Trident, Malcom Toft, Anthony DeMaria, and then professionally processed through a collection of high-end, rare, and vintage analog gear. 

Every sample is pre-mastered and then assembled into drum kits and playable instruments that will stand out in the mix. They are then stored with zero data compression so you can hear each sample’s full, distinct character.

"Its the truth...this is the future..."
Teddy Riley
" of the greatest inventions in music..."
Tricky Stewart
"I got mine. 
I'm using it."
Drumma Boy
Thousands of Artists, Producers, And DJs In 35 Countries, 
Love, Trust, And Use BTV Software.

"It is what they say it is and more. It's about time something came out for the people with ADD lol and true love and passion for the game... and its a monster! When you put in all the other features sampling, auto chop, 16-track, and effects it's power house." 

ThaWiz78, Las Vegas, NV

"I was one of the first to get the Beat Thang software... So many sounds to choose from ... I am really pleased that I finally have it

ATR- All 2 Real!" Madsyntis, Daytona Beach, FL

"Does it all on every level. Game changer for beat sequencing in general." 

Namedroppa, LA

"Simple and easy to use right out the box. Loaded with a lot of sounds. Even my 2yr old can make a beat with the BTV. One word- AMAZING!" 

Pjblues, Wadsworth, Oh

"The Beat Thang is an answer to prayer for any musician wanting to put a little hop into their hip. I love the range of beats. Couldn't be better! Everyone who has an interest in music should check this out! I'm loving mine!!!" 

Hipmama, Georgia

"I'm new to making music and all I have is BTV but I love your guy's design and the tutorials you have set up to help not only learn the system but learn how to create. Thanks for putting in the hard work to do something right." 

Eddie Copeland

"This program helps you get your beats down and rocking quickly, easy to use, sounds are kickin' and no Load Time, I LOVE it...a Virtual MPC with an awesome feel .. Peace~" 

Randall Y. Segal

"I was amazed by the preset sound library and the ease of use." 

Darien Brody

"Ridonculously excellent! Thank u for making this device!  Props from Panama!" Pablo Maestrey

Professional sampler and sample editor

Beat Thang is often commended for it’s straight forward sampling capabilities. Quickly and easily capture or load samples 16 or 24-bit .WAV or .AIFF files. Turn any sample you can capture into an instrument you can play with the Auto-chop feature. Edit your samples on-the-fly with clear waveform view. 

Set sample start and end points, Reverse, Time-stretch, Trim, Normalize, Amplify, Pitch Shift and more. Connect and sample any instrument or microphone directly in BEAT THANG. 

Each unit includes a 1/4″ TRS/XLR combo jack (Neutrik connector) for balanced mic and line inputs. The connection offers +48V phantom power so you can sample from a condenser microphone. You can also use Beat Thang as an interface and record to your computer. This allows you to apply effects to the source while routing the sound to an alternative recording application or device.

The only hardware sampler/drum machine that also works with software.

Integrate with your computer on your own terms. Experience the flexibility of a standalone production instrument with full software support. You can use BTV software and BEAT THANG hardware standalone or you can sync them together.

  • Each BEAT THANG includes a copy of BTV VSTi application—giving you the full power and sound library of BEAT THANG in a software version for your Mac or PC. 
  • Sequence in BEAT THANG 
  • Open BTV as an Audio-units or VST plug-in or use BTV inside your favorite DAWs including Ableton Live™, NI Maschine™, Apple Logic™, FL Studio™, and many others. 
  • Transfer projects, sounds, and kits between BEAT THANG and BTV using the Librarian (Mac only). 
  • Connect using Controller Mode for the tactile hardware experience but with the power and integration of BTV software and your computer.

Watch Cool Rev make a beat using BTV software.

Loaded with rich, distinct, and sometimes jaw-dropping sounds

Access and instantly play 168 of unique onboard drum and percussion kits crafted and created from a huge range of styles, from House and Techno to some of the best Hip Hop and Trap kits you’ve ever heard. Be surprised by rich and authentic, original Tablaz, Djembe, and Ashiko kits and access a collection of Pop and Rock drums great for laying down song ideas or creating backing beats. 

Arrange with 256 playable acoustic and electronic instruments including dozens of guitars and basses, over 100 synths and pianos, a wonderful collection of originally recorded string, woodwind, and brass instruments, and much, much more.

16-track real-time sequencer

Adjustable quantize, swing, bar length, and PPQ resolution lets you arrange full songs and produce tight grooves in minutes. Assign hundreds of unique and inspiring kits and instruments onto 16 tracks. 

Each track can have its own bar lengths (1 bar loop up to 200 bar loop). Add up to 100% swing. Quantize each track to 1/4, 1/8, 1/12, 1/16, 1/24/, 1/32, 1/48, 1/64 notes or turn it off for a more human feel. Adjust sequencer resolution from 24-960 PPQ for vintage or modern drum machine feel.

Onboard effects and mastering

Adjust volume, panning and effects levels on each track. Mix 20 Separate Effects including filters, phasers, flangers, vibrato, chorus, vinyl and more, distortion and more—including 16 Delay presets and 14 Reverb presets. Onboard mastering for more depth and polish to your finished productions.

There are many ways that Beat Thang can help you...
As a scratch pad

BEAT THANG has an innovative workflow that offers a fast way to easily create rhythm, harmony or melody. Many BT owners are songwriters or guitarists who use BEAT THANG for creative inspiration. It’s awesome for helping you fully form a musical idea, since you can create at the speed of your imagination and then refine your idea effortlessly into your perfect work-of-art.

In your studio

Use BEAT THANG in your modern studio environment connected to your other professional software and hardware, like DAWs, MIDI keyboards, MIDI pad controllers, sound modules, professional mixing consoles, or use it standalone anywhere

During your live set

Use Beat Thang as a performance instrument during your live performance. Connect it to your favorite DJ rig and mixer. Use BEAT THANG in controller-mode with BTV on your MAC or PC. Create live remixes on-the-fly and quickly improvise rhythm, harmony or melody accompaniments during your live sets.

About us
BKE, LLC (Beat Kangz Electronics) creates innovative music technology products designed to help our users make the best music of their lives. Our goal is to develop powerful, user-friendly tools and instruments that inspire creativity and excitement.  

We are an independent music production equipment company based in Nashville, TN.  As a group of passionate producers, engineers, songwriters, and musicians we believe in producing the best and highest quality hardware and software that we can in order to make it simpler and more fun for you to make better music.  We are on a painstaking journey to ensure we can offer you a useful and reliable product that you will be pleased with.  

If you are not pleased for any reason, reach out to us and we’ll work hard to set it right. When you work with BKE, you’re assigned a person not a number.  You’ll have your own technical and sales support professional who is an SAE graduate, an expert with our equipment and modern studio setups and practices, that you can reach out to and who will help you make your experience enjoyable and productive. We’re available to you.  We respond fast.  

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