Beat Thang Hardware

A fully portable studio grade sampling drum machine workstation, pre-loaded with more than 5,000 premium drum samples and playable instruments for creating professional music in any genre.

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Beat Thang Virtual Software

A virtual replica of Beat Thang hardware so you can make complete grooves and beats on your MAC or PC for a fraction of the cost. Use it stand alone or load it as a plugin inside your DAW. Comes with over 5,000 premium preset drums and instruments and 60 effects.

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Fire up your production with premium samples from BKE Sound. Choose from samples in all modern genres perfectly formatted for Beat Thang hardware and BTV software. Each ExpansionPack™ also includes WAV files. Choose from an ever expanding collection of what many producers call some of the best drums available.

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Popular Videos

“I welcome Beat Thang into my studio arsenal with open arms…”

In the studio with two-time Grammy winning producer Shannon Sanders discussing how he integrates Beat Thang into his studio setup.

“We use Beat Thang nearly every day in the studio…”

ORIG the DJ performs with Beat Thang hardware slaved to his DJ rig and triggers samples while scratching.

“Making Beats in a Foreigner’s Cab…”

A musical collaboration by BKE and KOTD with Loe Pesci (lyrics), Scott Jackson (beatbox) and Philly Moves (on Beat Thang) 

“I don’t call this a drum machine…it’s really a workstation…”

In the studio with legendary producer Jermaine Dupri candidly talking about what he thinks about Beat Thang hardware.

Beat Thang hardware is available at many fine music equipment retailers including…

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